martie 18, 2018

Psychotherapy Fees

Psychotherapy and personal development are carried out with a frequency of one session per week. In the case of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, the total duration is on average 20 to a maximum of 25 sessions, their number varying depending on the problem and the pace of each client. Research says that change occurs in the first 10 sessions and that it is unethical to keep the client in therapy if the buds of change do not appear in the first 20 sessions. Only if the client or the patient wants to investigate in detail his past does a psychotherapy of a longer duration make sense. Or in the case of more resistant disorders, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, which cannot be treated in 20 sessions. OCD generally requires around 40-50 sessions, because they involve strong patterns, consolidated over 10-sometimes 20 years.

Duration of a therapy session:

  • individual psychotherapy – 60 minutes ;
  • couple or family therapy – 90 minutes.​

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